Will the Whatsapp ‘Forwarded’ new feature increase users safety

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Will the Whatsapp ‘Forwarded’ new feature increase users safety

WhatsApp on its every update brings some new features or fix some errors and we always hope for new updates from WhatsApp to arrive. Now WhatsApp is bringing a new feature where the forwarded message will be labeled as ‘forwarded’. WhatsApp will indicate this forwarded message because of its uses safety. Now You will be able to understand the message which you have got was written by your friend or it simply has been forwarded to you.

Even when you are on a WhatsApp group you get lots of fake messages and you may think that it is sent by your friend, but now with this features the forwarded label indication will make you clear that it is not actually the message from your friend it is just a forward message and this will help everyone to understand before forwarding it to other.

WhatsApp will indicate ‘forwarded’ level when you get any forward message from your friend, relatives or anyone, this feature will help users to check before sharing the message to others and this will lead to reducing the spam messages on WhatsApp going on. If still, someone shares an unwanted message you can report the contact as spam or block and then you’ll not see any message from that contact. This feature may bring some changes in WhatsApp for the fake news we are getting but let’s see how it works, we can hope for the best.


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