Whatsapp stickers for Android and IOS users – Here’s how you can use it

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Whatsapp stickers for Android and IOS users

Hey guys, there is a good news from WhatsApp. A big update that is going to roll out for every Android and IOS users, where you will get many new features on WhatsApp. Everyone was waiting for the sticker features to be added on WhatsApp like ‘Hike’ and ‘WeChat’ application but now with the upcoming updates, you will see stickers on WhatsApp, which will be available with the ‘emoji’ and ‘gif’ category. Now you can express your feelings by using stickers in your conversation. You can instantly use any of the stickers available, only you have to do is to press the emoji button then press on the sticker option and you will find all the stickers in categories just touch any of the stickers to send to your contacts on WhatsApp for Android users. There are various categories of sticker which will be available just after updating the app, you will also have the option to add more stickers from Google Play even you will be able to send your photos as stickers by using some stickers app on Google Play.

There are more features which will be available with this update like swipe right to reply. Now you don’t have to select any of your messages on your chat to point out and reply, you can simply swipe right any of your messages to reply. After the update, You will see these cool features on WhatsApp.


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