How to change PC name of Windows 10

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Change PC name of Windows 10

There are many reasons for which we want to change our PC name, it may be for connecting homegroups, To send or receive files Using Bluetooth or To link Android or iPhone devices to PC. We always wonder PC with a short name that is cool and easy to Remember. So here you will find step by step guide on how you can change the PC name of Windows 10, and it’s easy to change the name. Only you need to follow the below steps ‘How to change computer name windows’. So, let’s get started.

Step 1. Go to ‘Windows settings’.

Change PC name of Windows 10

Step 2.  Click on ‘System’ settings.

How to change PC name of Windows 10

Step 3.  Now click the ‘About’ option.

how to change pc name windows 10

Step 4. You’ll find a button with ‘Rename this PC’, just click here.

how to change windows name user

Step 5. Enter the new name of your PC and click Next.

how to change windows 10 username

Step 6. After you restart, Your PC name will change. Click the ‘Restart now’ button If you want to the changes take place immediately or Click ‘Restart later’ Button so, the changes will take place After you restart your PC Next time.

how to change pc name in windows 10
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That’s It. In this way, you can change the PC name of Windows 10.

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