Bank Account Transfer Application

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Bank Account Transfer Application Format

A person usually relocates for a variety of personal or professional reasons, such as lateral job transfer, education, changing residence, returning to hometown, or settling in a different location after job retirement, and so on.

Almost everyone prefers to transfer their bank account to the nearest branch of their present residence for ease of operation of their revenue in account. Any bank account holder can request a balance statement, account closure, FD/RD closure, bank account transfer from one branch to another, and other services from their bank by simply writing a prior application with the necessary documents, and banks are happy to assist you.

However, writing a bank application might be challenging at times, we’ve created a distinct format of saving and current bank account transfer letter or application for you.

Bank Account Transfer Application

In this application we are assuming bank as “ABC Bank” and branch as “Kolkata Branch” and the transfering bank branch location as “Ranchi Branch”

Bank Account Transfer Application in English


The Branch Manager,

ABC Bank,

Kolkata Branch, 


Sub: Regarding Transfer of Bank Account No. 0123456789 

Respected Sir/Madam,
I Amit Misra a savings account holder of ABC Bank Kolkata Branch. I am writing this application through ABC Bank Ranchi Branch, Jharkhand. I have shifted to my local address and now I want to transfer my account to the nearest ABC Branch. My Saving account details are as follows:
Name:      Amit Misra
A/c No.:    0123456789
IFSC:        1234ABCD
Branch:    Kolkata, West Bengal 

Kindly accept my request and transfer my account to ABC Bank Ranchi Branch with IFSC- 1234DEFG, Branch code – 0000. Hoping for favorable assistance from your side. 

Yours faithfully: 

Sign. Here


Application for Bank Account Transfer Format


The Branch Manager,

[Name of the Bank],

[Bank Branch], 


Sub: Regarding Transfer of Bank Account No. 6543210 

Respected Sir/Madam, 

I……[Your Name]…… a current account holder of ……[Bank Name and Branch]…,  Branch. I am relocating to my hometown and now I would like to manage my account from the nearest branch of your bank from my location.

So, I request you to transfer my account to …..[New Branch Name]…. With IFSC …………… My account details are as follows,


A/c No.:    



Hope you will assist me at the earliest and transfer my bank account to your different branch provided above.

Thank You

Your Faithfully:



[Contact Details]

Bank Account Transfer Application PDF

Bank Account Transfer Letter Sample


The Branch Manager,

XYZ Bank [Name of the Bank],

Bangalore Branch [Bank Branch], 


Sub: Transfer of Bank Account No. 01234567 

Respected Sir/Madam,
I Ronit Singh, a savings/current account holder of your bank. Currently, I am shifting to a different location due to my lateral transfer of Job.  Now that I’ve moved, I’d like to use the nearest branch of your bank to manage my savings/current account from my new location. So you are requested to kindly transfer my account to the XYZ Bank, Pune Branch with IFSC- A0000BCDE.
My Saving account details are as follows:
Name:      Ronit Singh

A/c No.:    01234567

IFSC:        A0000XY

Branch:    Kolkata , West Bengal 

I hope you understand my situation and will assist me at the earliest and transfer my account conveniently. Required documents are attached with this application.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely



Bank account transfer from one branch to another format


The Bank Manager,

[Bank Name],

[Branch Name],


Subject: Transfer of Bank Account  XXXXXXX

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to transfer my savings account no – XXXXXXXX to a different branch of your bank with IFSC B00001234 due to some personal reasons with immediate effect. I requested you to transfer my account so that I can manage my account easily from the new location. 

Please proceed with my request as soon as possible and I would appreciate it if you can Transfer it at the earliest. Supporting documents are attached.

Yours Faithfully,


[Your Name]

[Contact Details]

[Your Address]

I hope you enjoyed our post on bank account transfer applications and that it will guide you in writing a Letter for Bank Account Transfer to Another Branch without hassle. 

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